party six

Speaking of get-togethers, Last weekend was K’s sixth birthday party. I decided for the first time to have it at a pizza place and leave a lot of the labor up to them, rather than having at at home. I think i really went off without a hitch. The kids had a great time, had pizza, hung out, played video games, all that good stuff.

I was looking at the expenses from past years, throwing birthday parties at home, with baking supplies, making piñatas, buying candy, etc…. You know, I came out just about even, and I didn’t have anywhere near as much outlay in the prep department… Maybe I was just lucky this time. But I did, after the fact, miss the hands-on crafting part. Maybe this weekend the girls and I can create some art together. Maybe something like this:

I have no more babies (they are big girls now. Just ask them.). We’re on to the next phase.

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