web 2.0 brgrs!

I was reading this page about an NYC burger place called brgr. The following is a short list of additions I’d make to the menu:

The Del.icio.us – Digg leftovers from yesterday and even last week are pressed into burger form.
The Minti – Always served at the tables next to the kids’ play area. Comes with a stack of extra napkins.
The LinkedIn – Loads of onions and garlic. You sit at a table full of old colleagues you never liked, anyway.
The Flickr – Requires the use of picture menus, laced with information on the make and model of cameras used in its making.
The Pandora – Filled with puffed rice to amplify the sound of your chewing. May be removed from menu if the RIAA has its way.
The Technorati – Has paper tags hanging from every nook and cranny, most of which are not used by anyone.