Sunday Seven 104

I was looking at Patrick’s site and saw a post about the impact that a theme song can have on a political campaign.

As I was typing that, I was reminded of theme songs for intros of, say, pro wrestlers. I think that I will start requesting that any time I make an entrance someplace, whether it be a meeting at work, or when walking into a bar, that the music be changed to one of my theme songs. After I have them all trained to do this, then I’ll gradually increase my demands to include the use of the fog machines, shooting of flares, and the display of video close-ups on an overhead widescreen for those in the crowd seated too far away to be able to see very well.

The Sunday seven asks for one theme song, but in order to make it a Sunday Seven, I’m making a list of seven theme songs I’d use for either public entrances or for political campaigns:

  1. Wilco — What Light
  2. Shawn Colvin — Even Here We Are
  3. Poets and Pornstars — Get Your Kicks
  4. Black Crowes — Remedy
  5. Norah Jones — Any Other Day
  6. Rilo Kiley — Under The Blacklight
  7. Boston — Don’t Look Back

Just off the top of my head.

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  1. This is a comment to state that Will is a tool. He is not a very good tool, can’t use him for anything other than painting tires.

    This is in no relation to your blog at all.

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