Amie St. Wednesday

Another artist and song that I discovered on Amie Street:

This week’s song is by Ford Turrell.
Listen to your Heartbeat is a song about sitting quietly, watching the sunset with a lover who is completely wrong for you, and realizing it. Listening to your heartbeat allows you to examine the lies you tell yourself, and maybe even forestall some of the heartache from hasty decisions.

His hands were what you laid your world in,
But they fell on you in stinging cold.
Oh love, they say, is all you’re ever gonna need.
Tell me, tell me, tell me, do you believe?
Listen to your heartbeat (3)
Let it roll you down this tired, aching street.

Turrell originally hails from Michigan, but now abides in the Nashville area, where he pens and performs. Ford’s acoustics are dead-on, the production values are clean, and the vocals are right in line with Ray LaMontagne, David Gray, and Ryan Adams. I’m going through the rest of his tracks at AmieStreet right away!

Amie St. Music Wednesday
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Here’s a video too!