Amie Street Wednesday

This week, I’ve gone through my catalog of music on Amie Street, and found some fun stuff… Evil Weiner may be dubiously named, but their songs are just laid back and fun… The lead guitar has a bit of a surf-guitar sound, and the vocals and lyrics have a self-effacing, life-embracing quality that is in good fun.

I’m highlighting the Space Girl song, but don’t forget to hit the “more by this artist” button here. My other favorites from Evil Weiner are Turn Green, Topsy Turvy, and you absolutely must give a listen to Laughed at My Heart. Fun stuff!

The band reminds me of other fun bands like The Refreshments, Southern Culture on the Skids, and They Might Be Giants.

Amie St. Music Wednesday
Why Amie St. Wednesday? Music is in everyones lives. It surrounds us even when we do not hear it. This is a way to discover new artist, and share the artist that you enjoy listening to on If you enjoy the music please support the artist. Amie St. Music Wednesday has no affiliation with and the opinion about the music and/or artist is that of the blogger.

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