Solutions: the bite of the retail bug

Feeling a little less-than-festive, now that several radio stations are burping out the traditional holiday tunes 24×7? Feeling the credit pinch from the traditional, well-thought-out list of gifts you feel incredibly obligated to purchase?

The best ways to combat these feelings if they hit you every year is to find a way to step back and redefine (without the helpful chatter of retail giants) what it really means to you.
Give some careful thought and consideration to 12 ways to de-commercialize the holidays for starters.

Hey, Putting up the lights in the lawn getting you down? just go geek. Take a different tack, and do it up in your own unique style, like the Tesla Coil Tree! What a great project, eh?

Skipping on some of the traditional festivities could lead to some more interesting pusuits, like discerning the true purpose of those Costa Rican stone balls. I’d like to see their positions flagged on a google map mashup. Maybe if you zoom out far enough, there is a message to be seen.

And hey, you’re headed to a family gathering at some point, so you may as well ask younger cousins, nieces and nephews to help you remember the basics of geometry you have forgotten completely so that you might be able to solve The World’s Hardest “Easy” Geometry Problem while you are there.

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