Devil’s in the Details

I have noticed a lot of the “easter eggs” in the Pixar films, but if I were looking for all of the obscure self-references in Pixar films, I’d likely need a guide like this one. Some of them are so obscure, only the makers would know them, but they do add some reference points, as well as a congruent detail to the landscape of the movies. I also bet that it’s rather an easy task for the animators, as they would already have the art and sprites for the recurring images, like the Pizza Planet truck. “Yo!”

Sometimes it makes more sense if you ignore a specific detail, like the name of a disease. I can see why Huckabee is standing by past statements. The whole argument is getting taken out of context. If you think about what was known at the time, the statement wasn’t really so awful. It’s standard procedure if there is an outbreak of something and little or no research. If you replace the word AIDS in that story with “Zano-Bilrag-XJ285I” and read it again, you’ll see.

Sometimes the details can inspire change. Jack Black is hitting the gym after seeing his own bare behind on the B-I-G screen. There’s nothing quite as inspiring to keep you at the gym like the prospect of being partially nude in front of people from time to time. I’m sure it wasn’t a big deal, but they did kind of trick him. Just imagine after seeing Jack’s reaction what the reaction is of other people, like supermodels, tv news reporters, and porn stars with the advent and mass distribution of High Definition TV’s!

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