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The band I discovered this week is Dropjoy. Everyone needs a little bit of punk-inspired bootprint-on-the-forehead fun music here and there, and this one is a good one for working out the cobwebs in your cranium after lazing around on New Years Day in your “recovery” from the previous evening’s shenanigans.

Dropjoy is a three-piece from San Diego with a range of tastes and a strong gut feeling for songwriting. The tracks I found so far range from punk and high-volume rock to sweet, lonely ballads. It’s all there, do don’t be afraid of the “more from this artist” button.

I really dig the throwback to early punk, and the almost predicted yet unexpected hook in this track. This is another one that’s good for getting stuck in your head. Works for me!

4 Replies to “ASMW – Dropjoy”

  1. Hey there … thanks so much for this awesome review! We the band loved reading it and enjoyed your description of Black Eye as bootprint-on-the-forehead. We just put together a little video of one our songs.

    Anyways … really cool of you take the time to write something! Come check out a show some time and we’ll dedicate Black Eye to you!

    E Train

  2. E-Train,

    Thanks for dropping by my humble abode here. I went ahead and embedded the video on the page to make it easy for everyone to check out. Be sure to head to Atlanta or NC to put on a show soon!

  3. Hey thanks for doing that Gruntled! We have big plans for 2008 and getting out as far as Atlanta or NC could just happen! Thanks for embedding the youtube vid. We’re going to pushing out some more vids soon so stay tuned for that.

    Do you like that song on the vid?

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