The Dark Water Project

Over the weekend, I did some updating to the coffee site and got it looking much better. I’m still thinking about changing some of the background colors. Colors are always a full-blown debate, even when you are debating yourself.

My neighbors across the street moved out in a big rush, and the new neighbors moved in right away. The police are complaining about cars speeding through the neighborhood, but won’t put speedbreakers in. Isn’t that odd? Maybe we should organize a concert to raise money for speedbumps. Hey, it worked in Wayne’s World 2

I was checking out the firebird database project, and it is coming along nicely. It will serve nicely as an embedded db or an option for scripts or programs to work for people who might not have a running db (like mysql or postgres, or even Oracle). There is also a project creating a management console that will just plug-in called FlameRobin. I was thinking of even joining that project. Sounds like a good challenge.