So for Memorial Day weekend, we thought we’d pack all of the kids in the car and go for camping at the beach. Most of the campsites were full, but we booked a tent area at the very last one on the list we called, and headed down.

We stopped about halfway, and I went into a service station to get drinks, and saw on the local weather that the whole region was to be soaked with rain for the whole weekend. 🙁

We got there and set up camp, then found that there is a burn ban in effect in the county where the campground is. No campfires. Which meant no cooking for us. We didn’t get to see the water, hardly slept, and only had cold hot dogs, etc to eat. Then something was up with the bank, so we had to get back on the little bit of cash we had left, watching the fuel gauge very closely.

So I’ve been moved to working overnights during the week at work. I am still getting used to the new wake/sleep schedule, and ‘my women’ are too. ‘My women’ are my wife, my 2 girls, and my dog. It’s funny, because after my sister left home, I lived in a house full of guys up through high school, then went to college and lived in mens’ dormitories, etc and now I live in a house full of women. 🙂

I’ve been watching the new Doctor Who series (thanks to whomever in Britain has been nice enough to share them online, as not even BBC America is carrying it so far. It’s really good, and the Doctor this time is much more edgy than the others before him. Each episode is well thought-out. Highly recommended.