Wacked out videos and a circle of scripts

I recently was given a link. not any link. It’s this link.

Twigger’s Holiday is a really cool miniseries, written from a middle-school perspective, and acted with a lot of heart. The video effects range from really subtle all the way to hilariously overdone. The page that the link goes to has them in reverse order, so you will need to scroll to the bottom and work your way up.

I’ve been working on some of my sites, and wanted a banner rotation tool. I was going to whip up something with Javascript, but then all the places I was looking for advice kept mentioning phpAdsNew.

We have a bunch of customers that use that software to run full advertising campaigns and sell ads, so I figured I may as well try it out. It’s very overblown for my purposes, but it runs rather nicely.

I picked up another script as a hotlink management tool. I just needed a place to dump links, and I was going to build up a small script to display them in a table so that my list of hotlinks could be placed on any page and on any of my sites with a single include.

The script I already had would handle that, but there were other functions that were kind of odd, and also a reciprocal link checker that didn’t work the way I wanted. I started hacking at it to get it to work, and ended up frankensteining and rewriting a lot of it. I should have just whipped up what I wanted in Perl.

I have been reading up on Python over the past few months, and was working on an install of mod_python for Apache 1.3 yesterday. It’s still not completely working, but it’s very promising.