ASMW – Stella & The Doggs

This week, I was getting back into some electronica, but kept looking for something that was complex yet danceable. Then I stumbled onto this single by Stella & The Doggs. Stella is notable for her involvement in the Manchester band called Intastella in the early nineties, and refers to this new band and album as “Dark, electro pop”. This track, “Supersize” has interesting lyrics and a building beat that also makes it a good accompaniment to night driving. “Star, you know how gorgeous you are/you lost your mind in my car/star – it’s all too much. More money, more love, more money, more sex. Look what they’ve done/They supersized…” The guitars are prominent without taking the front seat, all while keeping the European feel.


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  1. Hello Mr. G. Gruntled! This is Zane from Amie Street. I wanted to say hello, and thanks for doing what you do! i coulnt find an email contact for you anywhere so im commenting here.. drop me a note-, i have something for you! take care, zane

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