Lost in transliteration

It’s the holiday weekend, where everyone gets the 3-day weekend that I usually enjoy. I get Mondays off because I work long hours the rest of the week. I usually use the Monday to do errands, doctor visits, etc. It works out rather well because most people are at work, and there isn’t much of a line anyplace. You can just go places and do your business and be both done and gone without waiting.

I’ve been doing some serious study of the administration tools for MySQL databases. I see a lot of mysql database issues at work, and I got a really good book that focuses on the admin area of mysql. I will likely be making some arguments regarding that in this space soon.

Syntax versus semantics:
Syntax —
the word is from late Latin, meaning “arrange together”
a) the way in which the words and phrases of a sentence are arranged to show how they relate to each other; sentence structure
b) the patterns of such arrangement in a given language

Semantics —
the word is also from late Latin, meaning “signify, show, significant”
a) the scientific study of the meanings, and the development of meanings, of words.
b) the scientific study of symbols as denotative units, of their relationship to each other, and of their impact on society.

Semantics are the meanings of the sentences you are using (e.g. what you are saying) and syntax is how you are saying it, the mechanics of the sentences you are using.

So there *is* a difference between walking around, saying “It’s all semantics” and walking around saying that “It’s all syntax”

We had a picnic today with some lifelong friends-of-family. It turned out to be very mild weather, and it went rather well. The kids played hard, and fell asleep before we left the parking lot at the park, and are still sleeping. We talked about how busy we all are in our lives, and how it sucks that we never seem to have time to visit with people we know. That was all of us, mind you: the parents, the kids, their kids. Three generations of people stuck in the cycle of working all the time, multitasking, getting too little sleep, no self-time, stress and traffic and bills, and trying to make things better for self and family.

It’s a sad state of things, really.