So, I’m down to the last couple of days of my notice, and will be starting my new job next week. at the end of last week, M got a call that her grandmother had died, so she and the girls drove to Pennsylvania to be there for the funeral. It was a long and arduous journey for them, with the winter weather moving in, and following M’s sister.

I stayed here to finish my last 2 days with this company, because I would not have made it back in time to be at work today. I cooked up a storm on saturday, making a few dishes, and packing each up as seperate meals… A big pot of soup became 3 meals. I baked some chicken in some french dressing with tabasco and honey, and with a couple of cups of rice, became 3 more meals.

I did a bunch of yard work as well. I wanted to have the house looking good upon the return of “my women” — my wife and 2 daughters.

The past 2 nights, the storms have been pretty heavy, and this morning I looked outside to find that while the electricity was flickering off and on all night, the storm had also been hsaking all the leaves, debris, and pine needles from all the trees in the area, and depositing them on my lawn. So now it looks as if I’d done nothing in the yard all weekend.

I’ve had no good sleep since they left. I got home Friday evening, helped to pack all of their bags in the car, and off they went.

The dogs have been antsy without the ladies home. I’ve been spending extra time playing ball and letting them in and out of the house. It might be more ad a distraction for myslef than an actual need for Tink and Peyton. I’m sure Tink appreciates the extra rounds of Fetch and Ball, though. She adores playing ball. About 80% of the time, when you throw the ball for her, she is able to be ther and catch the ball before it bounces the first time. She’s a very smart dog. Peyton is doing much better with her house training, but still has issues with chewing. She got in huge trouble last night for it.

I was making some hot chocolate in the kitchen, and she had gone through our bathroom and into our bedroom, then pushed the door closed. forgetting that she could have ject walked back through the bathroom and been out, she thought she had trapped herself in the bedroom. I heard her in there and opened the door to let her out, without going in the bedroom.

When I went to get in the bed, however, I found the mess. While she thought she was trapped, Peyton got on the bed, tore a hole in the top of the comforter, and proceeded to pull all the stuffing out.

Nothing like having something happen to your bed when you haven’t been sleeping well.

The girls are not sure when they are coming back. I might be home alone for the rest of the week. School is out for the week, and M dropped her classes for this half of the semester, so really, that is fine. I wish I could have gone with them. On the phone last night, they were telling me that K was sick all night, convulsing and barfing in the car, not even waking up. They got on the freeway going in the wrong direction, and had to backtrack, so instead of reaching their new temporary digs at about 5 or 6 pm, go there at about 2:30 am. They all just want to be home. I’d love to have them home.