Camping and road-tripping

so my older daughter went on vacation with my wife’s sister the week before last to Florida, and as soon as they got back last weekend, we went camping near Tellico Plains, TN. The place where we camped was in a flat area in a small valley, surrounded by mountains. There were a lot of new trees planted, but all of them were still saplings, so there was no wind cover. It was rather cold for us. We took our dog with us, and she was getting used to camping. She kept barking at the other campers, and didn’t like the noises of the tent material. She got nervous and wet our sleeping bags a couple of times.

Tellico Plains is also one of the endpoints of the mile-high skyway called Cherohala or “the dragon’s tail” in motorcyclist circles. There were a few other interesting venues in the area, but most of our time outside the camp was on Sunday, and most of them were closed. We’ll have to hit the area again when we have some Friday/Saturday time.

The Dark Water Project

Over the weekend, I did some updating to the coffee site and got it looking much better. I’m still thinking about changing some of the background colors. Colors are always a full-blown debate, even when you are debating yourself.

My neighbors across the street moved out in a big rush, and the new neighbors moved in right away. The police are complaining about cars speeding through the neighborhood, but won’t put speedbreakers in. Isn’t that odd? Maybe we should organize a concert to raise money for speedbumps. Hey, it worked in Wayne’s World 2

I was checking out the firebird database project, and it is coming along nicely. It will serve nicely as an embedded db or an option for scripts or programs to work for people who might not have a running db (like mysql or postgres, or even Oracle). There is also a project creating a management console that will just plug-in called FlameRobin. I was thinking of even joining that project. Sounds like a good challenge.