where’s the jelly?

is there really jelly in a jellybean?

let’s see…  wbdict says: a small candy made of jellied sugar, often shaped like a bean.

jellied sugar? okay.  I don’t know if Alton Brown has covered this or not.

Wikipedia has an interesting entry for them.  it includes the ingresdients area:

The basic ingredients of jelly beans include sugars, corn syrup, and food starch. Relatively minor amounts of lecithin (an emulsifier), anti-foaming agents, beeswax or carnauba wax, salt, and confectioner’s glaze are also added. The ingredients that give each bean its character are also relatively small in proportion and may vary depending on the flavor. These include natural and artificial flavors and colors, and, depending on the bean flavor, may include chocolate, coconut, fruit puree or juice, peanuts, vanilla, oils, cream, or freeze-dried egg, milk, or fruit powders.

Emulsified sugar, corn syrup, and starch, with assorted flavorings…

OK, and real jelly?

real jelly is made from real fruit.

The proper firmness of jelly and jam is achieved by mixing sugar and a thickener with fruit juice that has a high acid content, and then boiling the mixture. Pectin, a carbohydrate found in fruit, is the most commonly used thickener.  — WBO

would it be possible to create a jellybean that had actual jelly in the middle of the harder jellybean shell?

When I went to visit the lawyer the first time, he gave me a confection that was raspberry, where the center was semi-solid, maybe the consistency of the center of a gumdrop.  I keep looking for those things ever since then.  I can’t find them anywhere!

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day is a holiday honoring working people. It is observed as a legal holiday on the first Monday in September throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Labor organizations sponsor various celebrations, but for most people it is a day of rest and recreation. The holiday also has become a symbol of the end of summer. In Australia, Labor Day is called Eight Hour Day, and it commemorates the successful struggle for a shorter working day. In Europe, Labor Day is observed on May 1.

–Santino, Jack. “Labor Day.” World Book Online Reference Center. 2006.

There are nearly 300 million Americans. Out of a work force of about half that number, 144.3 million are employed and 7.2 million are not, or about 4.8%, low in economic terms. And we Americans are perennially among the most productive workers in the world, meaning we continue to produce more per worker over time, rather than less, even as our population and the corresponding work force grow. Finally, studies here have shown that people with a sense of humor perform better at their jobs, and people who enjoy their work are more productive than those who don’t.

Steady ardour, slow and steady wins the race.
my sure-footed, methodical steps may not be your pace

It seems odd to you to stop and smell the flowers,

but what you call a break turns out an opportunity

plotting, planning, contemplating, the mind melds power

of research, speculation, data, and a stronger adversary it makes me.


Yesterday morning really rocked.  I think the thing that really got me going was when I was doing the girls’ hair before going to the bus, and K said “I love this hair-dude!  I want you to do my hair this was every day, forever!”

They tell me the ‘do that they want, and it’s usually a grandiose hairstyle that a pro couldn’t pull off without serious prep time and gear….  much less me.  I’m getting better, but I just don’t know how to fiddle with hairstyles *that* well just yet.

I’m glad that it’s a long weekend. There are some interesting things happening around town, but I haven’t made any solid plans.  The girls could really use a break as well.  Yesterday was M’s brthday, and there was quite a bit of drama going on for her…

While you are goofing off anyway, you should check out the video for Lilly Allen’s song “Smile”.  It’s fun.  The song is catchy.  There’s a cool storyline.  You’ll love it.