The Open Cell and Crap in the Stream

I was reading about Verizon’s plan to open their network, and thought that it’s a great idea, both for business and for cross-compatibility. They are going to allow you to use the Verizon signal with any device. So if you are a DIYer, or get a google phone, or a linux phone, you would have their network as an option. This also allows people to develop other applications and devices to be used on the cell network that couldn’t have existed before. You also have the option by T-Mobile of using any open 802.11 wireless signal. So, taking the two ideas together, I have an idea for developing a system to be installed in cars that would have a couple of antennas and act as a repeater for both 802.x wireless and for the Verizon cell signal. The car would then have communications available for things like routing and traffic information via internet sites, be able to place phone calls, and would also give better range to others in the area using wither type of signal.

I saw some interesting anti-Vista, pro-Linux case badges yesterday. I’m wondering if people still use case badges, really, unless they are making some kind of statement. For those of you who don’t know, these are the domed stickers that go on the front of a desktop computer, usually with the brand of the company you got the computer from, like “Bob’s Computer Shop”.

Garagenous Zone (noun) – The area in which your garage door remote is effective. e.g.: Jaques liked to roll slowly up the block, groping for the outer limit of his garagenous zone.

Facebook released a new service that I’m sure seemed like a good idea at the time, but are now backpedaling on their “creeptech” ad system. Facebook users and privacy advocation groups alike were pointing out ways that the service could be used for adverse means. I’m sure that officials at Facebook wouldn’t have released it if they had been aware of its potential for misuse.

In a lot of ways, I’m glad that I don’t use cable service at home. I’ve been accosted with debates over speed, etc in the past. Since I do a lot of things online, the connection is important. One of the things I do a lot of is bittorrent traffic. I was reading an article just this morning about Comcast apparently blocking peer-to-peer traffic. They are denying this effusively, but the EFF’s data suggests they are. I’d like to invite all the ISP’s to do some self-examination. You charge as a service for access to a stream. We all have to crap. Why not crap in the bushes or dig a latrine, rather than in the stream that is generating your revenue?
When I am working on someone’s computer, and fire up a bittorrent so that I can get the latest Knoppix or Slax disc, I just want to complete the download and get to the task at hand. If I pay for a service and that service impedes me, there is always another provider of the service. Especially with ISP’s.