Facebook apps

I’ve been getting back in touch with a bunch of long-lost people lately on Facebook, which is the time that Social Media is at its very best.

I’ve been running into some issues lately with several apps (not just this one) where some of the basic functionality just does not work with Opera.

Facebook's apps are so fail, they have a standard warning text.
Facebook's apps are so fail, they have a standard warning text.

I’ve been using the Opera browser as my primary for about six or eight months, and it’s like riding a rocket, but things like that are ridiculous. Opera is more standards-compliant than any other browser, and you run into things like this. First guesses would be shoddy programming by apps developers, but I’m also starting to wonder if maybe it’s something in the FB API, since there is a standard display message about it.
It might have to do with the widget framework that they were harrowing to developers. It might be worth writing an FB app just to try to hit the Opera barrier.

Have any suggestions for an FB app? Leave ’em in the comments!

Bonne semaine pour la Boum

Mardi Gras floatOkay… so I’m a day early in posting this. Most Mardi Gras parties were over the weekend, anyway, unless you happen to be in New Orleans or one of the other areas where carnivale is ingrained in the local culture.

I have so much alcohol left over. I ned to throw a party or something to get it down to a manageable level.

hmmm…. Mardi Gras is tomorrow… hmmm…

I did a bunch of new development on the google API maps, and am looking forward to the rollout to the public so you can all see it.

At Mark’s Mardi Gras party, I met several very interesting people. It was a blast. They did a great job planning it, too. The weather was really rough getting up there, but is was fine getting back home.

Time to hydrate.

It’s a Donkey Dong Kind of Day

I have been working on a Google maps API mashup for a while for my employer’s site redesign. I got the green light for full implementation today.

I’m really happy with the improvements I’ve been making, and I think it’s very intuitive and useful, without loosing the wow factor.

I’ve also been doing some site redesign on several sites that I run. I’m kind of doing some spring cleaning in a lot of areas lately.

Everything’s going to be cool.

Don’t forget, everyone, Mardi Gras is just around the corner (or around the weekend, to coin a phrase), followed closely by St Patrick’s Day.

Army hunting ‘Donkey Dong’ This news article got a good guffaw out of me. everyone who gets spotlighted in the paper should be so lucky.
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