Feeling better?

When someone sneezes, what do you say?

Scat there! — Mom and Grandma used to say this. Thinking about it more, it’s almost a scaring away of the thing that is making you sneeze or maybe the germs of your cold. (??) Possibly to ward off the fariries tickling your nose. who knows.

Bless you. — This one is very church-worthy. A general blessing for either better fortune, a cleaner environment, peace from above, whatever it is that might make you stop sneezing all over everyone. :]
Here’s what Snopes found.

Gesundheit! — Literally “good health”, this one has always been popular. For some reason, German exclamations seem to be popular, but not regular german words in general.

À tes souhaits — “To your wishes” or “May your wishes(dreams) come true” this is used commonly in francophone culture, and if one knows the sneezer very well, it’s À tes amours, “To your loves”. I suppose a wish for your wishes is much akin to wishing you well.


Bending along high paced glass
packets shooting through
states and countries, speeds amass
router to router seeking you;
the IP address in the header.

I have packets that make the mail
packets that make that sound
the stream of the 80’s guitar wail
And the plans for the robotic hound

I know the weather in your zipcode and that recipe your grandma sent
I have all the images and videos
all are ready for your entertainment.