Giant YellowJacket Nest

YellowJacket nest the size of a 55 Chevy

Don’t miss the video, either.

This is insane. I thought it was bad when I had a nest in my side-yard last summer the size of a softball. whenever I’d go to mow the grass in the area, the vibrations from the mower would irritate the yellowjackets and then when I’d get under the trees, they would go right for my face. I put up traps, tried ton of other things, but after mentioning the issue to my exterminator during his regular visit, they disappeared. I’m glad he took care of that. Well, glad isn’t really the word.

We’ve had really really mild winters for several years. I’m trying to recall the last good, hard freeze, and it’s got to be at least 10 years ago. When I mention this to people in conversation, they generally disagree, especially when I put it to them that the bug population will get out of control. maybe one day before long, we’ll be piping cold weather in from somewhere northward. …but what would we send in return?

Spring rains

Last week, the weather was entirely too inviting, and I kept making plans with myself to groom the back yard. I also had lots of design and updates in mind, and time with the gorls, as they had been on spring break all week, and I’d been missing them sorely as they spent a night here and a night there with relatives.

After picking them up on Friday, we did some lightweight shopping, followed by pizza. They were already showing signs that they just wanted to be home and comfortable, so a short flyby at the movie house confirmed my suspicions: no good movies for their age range. We went home and played “Boggle Jr” and a round of rhyming, then we put on some kid music and made paintings after they got into their pj’s.

Saturday morning same shortly after, and it brought horrible thunderstorms with it. I often feel toyed with by the weather here. finally have the time to get something done, then the weather disagrees with you. The rain washes away a large portion of all the pollen, so it’s not so bad. We made breakfast and played Jenga many times over, then had a “Rock Star Fashion Show” before the storms let up.

After they got baths, my parents came by for a few minutes on their way to an early dinner, so they were able to visit for a while as I worked on the hair.

I am still learning the correct methods for “hair dudes”. The request is always specific, and if it’s two braided pigtails, and daddy gives up and creates a single ponytail, he’s the bad guy for at least a day.

I get the squinty-eyed, wrinkle-nosed frown as well as the quiet treatment.

There should be a how-to guide somewhere… “The Oafish Lout’s Guide to Girly-Girl Hairdos”. With a cross reference for the names and alterante names and descriptors.

On Sunday, M came over to spend time with “the monkeys”, and wanted to get the box-springs I needed to get the girls’ bedrooms set up properly. so we dropped the girls off and her sister’s, and borrowed their truck.

The truck is a small one, manual transmission. There are some issues with its transmission and power steering, so the trip to get the bedding was fraught with intersesting angles, white knuckles, and some strategic use of back streets to avoid certain intersections.

we got the bedding and got it back to my house, and the girls slept very well in their “new” beds. One of my favorite things is when they decide that they are “big girls”, either in taking on new responsibility for themselves, or what-have-you.
I have the “parenting” class on Thursday after work. This should be intriguing…

Monday morning at work, everyone was abuzz about the tornado warnings and storm damage over the weekend, saturday morning.

Bonne semaine pour la Boum

Mardi Gras floatOkay… so I’m a day early in posting this. Most Mardi Gras parties were over the weekend, anyway, unless you happen to be in New Orleans or one of the other areas where carnivale is ingrained in the local culture.

I have so much alcohol left over. I ned to throw a party or something to get it down to a manageable level.

hmmm…. Mardi Gras is tomorrow… hmmm…

I did a bunch of new development on the google API maps, and am looking forward to the rollout to the public so you can all see it.

At Mark’s Mardi Gras party, I met several very interesting people. It was a blast. They did a great job planning it, too. The weather was really rough getting up there, but is was fine getting back home.

Time to hydrate.


Bending along high paced glass
packets shooting through
states and countries, speeds amass
router to router seeking you;
the IP address in the header.

I have packets that make the mail
packets that make that sound
the stream of the 80’s guitar wail
And the plans for the robotic hound

I know the weather in your zipcode and that recipe your grandma sent
I have all the images and videos
all are ready for your entertainment.