Social Network Outages, oh my!

We were talking earlier today on Pownce about a lot of the micro-blogging and social “heartbeat” networking sites having periods of downtime lately.

It’s probably just some growing pains as more people start to use them. And since they are all more of a “pulse” setup, they are using the networks differently than a page of information at a time.

I think it was Friday, Twitter was unresponsive, then yesterday, Pownce and then the early morning hours, the same thing happened with Jaiku. They all seem to working just fine now.

Does anyone remember a recent outage at Mahalo Follow? Anyone? Beuller?

There are a lot of different social networks out there, and I’m starting to see a lot of splintering. I hope that we start to see some integration tools soon to help us stay connected and also to not have a deluge of information. Everyone has their own personal limit for information dump, and these networks can certainly cause a flood. I’m supposing that with some open API’s, we would start to see a lot of cross-network functionality. updating your “status” in one place will update that status in Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc etc at once, and people who are following you or on your friend list in more than one place would only get a single alert or, optionally, none at all. I’d like to see options for some of this integration, but not necessarily a snowballing effect on social networking as a whole. It’s important that the users are able to separate and maintain “public” and “private” identity as well.

A good example would be to never automatically update linkedin from anything added at facebook or myspace. At least until companies stop cyberstalking, and hire people based on their skills and experience. This might take another few years, and two or three more Petite Anglaise stories, but I definitely hope it comes soon. Not that I have anything to hide: I link everything together. I just know a lot of people who have the need to hide their personal lives from their employers, and I find that incomprehensible.

Then there’s another whole ball of wax when you start to think of integrating dating sites.

I found an article at LLRX that gives an intro to social networking sites and tiny bit of history, just in case you are one of my “less-than-technical” readers.

Happy New Year

New Years 2008 hatching

I hope that everyone had an amazing New Years’ Eve, and that it all went down safely. Now that the sun has returned (Winter Solstice), the fat man in red has visited (Christmas/Santa), Advent calendars have all their doors opened, and the mass populace is waking to a massive retail hangover (holiday debt) that will last from 4-6 months, it’s high time for some resolutions.

Most people make self-improvement resolutions. A very low-granularity, non-scientific poll of a couple of places I’ve been in the past week shows that the focus of the vast majority of New Years’ resolution-makers are resolutely dedicated to losing weight, working out more, and not being as workaholic. A smaller subset indicated more generalized goals along the same ilk, including eating healthier, being for financially responsible, and spending more time with family.

Writing out that list for some reason brought up all the arguments I’ve been hearing about the evolving workplace, and the quest people have been on over the past few years for what has been termed “work-life balance”. It’s definitely something that everyone needs, but the term itself seems to scare the Wilikers out of management types. Of course, any base-level change generally scares management types. The main tenets of the work-life balance as it is discussed in employment interviews and in workshops is a great idea, but what about your personal life balance?

I’m talking about a sense of yin and yang, a philosophy. The green spot on the wall you follow from one point to another, no matter who you might believe is holding the LED laser that creates the dot… Our lives are running faster and meaner than ever, and it increases every year. It’s important on a day like today (a new beginning of sorts) to take a moment to sort things out, and decide how we fit everything into the every day and the every week. Between all the hours at work and school, all the hours driving to and fro, all the time we spend sleeping, the time we spend helping others, visiting with friends and family, our personal pursuits, and all the surprises in life we need to deal with… An encompassing philosophy is in many cases our only refuge, depending on how much “stuff” we’re stuffing into our day.

So, my primary resolution for this calendar year is the same one I had last year:
Increased wisdom.

What’s yours?

Happy 2008 a.d.(5008 a.l.)!