Blog Day 2007

Happy Blog Day, everyone! Grab a drink and saddle up. I’m spinning a short blurb about five blogs you might dig. Blog Day is a meme where I introduce some of the blogs from far and wide that I frequently read.

Here are the bloggers in my midst (pretty close to the order in which I started reading them):

  1. Petite Anglaise Petite is an English expatriate living in France, and a single mother. She writes beautifully about kid rearing, workaday life, and her dating life. I found her blog way-back-when while Googling a couple of phrases for a French translation , and the link took me to an endearing story of one of the funny things little “tadpole” had done. I’ve been hooked ever since. Since then, she has had some interesting things come of her blog, including getting published, and garnering some fame for being fired over her blog, and finding triumph over the company who did it.
  2. Delusions of Grandeur I worked with Mark at my previous employer. The blog ranges from pictures and stories of his girls to reviews of gadgets and Linux Distros, to just funny things found on the web. Checking in on Delusions is always a surprise.
  3. MouseClone I currently work with this Mark. This is another personal blog, and has a lot to do with weird and metaphysical things on the internet, video gaming, and some technical info.
  4. Zen Habits Leo is an Obi Wan kind of guy. The blog is loaded with advice on simplifying, saving, organizing, cleaning, etc etc. I originally found this blog when I was looking for a howto for using free web tools like gmail to implement the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy, and found his Zen Things Done (ZTD). The site is loaded with hacks for everyday occurrences and conveniences, so if you stay there long, expect a small personal transformation.
  5. Bad Astronomy Phil has a blog about astronomy, engineering, and science in general. Updates on new findings, and how they affect our daily lives.

Now that I’m finishing my five, I’m thinking of a few others that I’d like to include, too. Explore your blogosphere, folks! There are a lot of voices out there!

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