Waking to Dream

So when we first see Neo at home, we see an absolute slew of research: newspaper clippings, several computers whirring and tumbling through archived data, all looking for Morpheus, and we see Neo having fallen asleep at the helm.

Morpheus: in Greek mythology, the god of dreams. More specifically, ultra-realistic dreams.

One of the pervading ideas in the first Matrix movie was the idea that sometimes, you cannot discern what is truly dream and what is truly reality. Knowing the penchant of the directors to pull from many different religions, you’ll find that this has a lot to do with part of the Worldview of Buddhism. Dreams are not always empty, which is why we talk about our dreams, Study them, interpret them, thrive on them. Wakefulness is only half of our lives, remember….

It’s absolutely important to be productive and organized sometimes, and at other times, you have to decompress, and let things happen organically. It’s the Yen and Yang, the circle of life, the crests and troughs of consciousness.