Amie St. Wednesday

Another artist and song that I discovered on Amie Street:

This week’s song is by a group called Aloud.

“All I Can Do” is pretty stark, contemplating actions that have to be taken. This is the quiet personal moment when one decides that a relationship will be changed, or when a secret has to be revealed(which, in turn, leads to changing relationships).

Watch out how you've been acting
Soon now, they'll be reacting
You drop the bomb
She wonders what's going on...   

Aloud has been together since 2002, playing in the New England and NY/NJ area pretty heavily. They have some tracks that just effervesce like the Foo Fighters or The Who, and others (like this track) that are more pensive and melodic, with a Kasabian or Oasis feel (Not to mention the dynamic harmonies you only get when using both male and female vocals). Aloud released their first album (Leave Your Light On)late last year on their own label (Lemon Merchant Records) and an EP more recently, at the beginning of September. Self-publishing: Now that’s Indie!

Amie St. Music Wednesday
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