Spidering for Gadgets

With November comes the season of bundling up every place we go, and a nonstop rush for year-end and holiday gift-giving occasions. Being a tech geek, I’m always watching for deals on personal electronics and discount computers, and all things computer-related. Yes. Even if I personally am not in the market for these things at the time, because I try to help people find deals on technology. And I tend to watch the pricing fluctuate, so when I do find a need am in the market, I will have an idea.

This is especially true of buying memory upgrades for PC’s and laptops.

I’ve found that the site, TechBargains can come in very handy. The site has good navigation and a series of RSS feeds, and is updated 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. It’s not an online store, though. They keep up with the specials, coupons, deals, and pricing at all the online retailers. It “web spiders” for me, and gets all the information in a usable format.

Like I was saying, if you are in the market for RAM very often, you will know that the price fluctuates wildly, so knowing when to strike can save you a fat wad of cash. Right there on the left side of the front page, there are boxes that show the current pricing for the most common sizes and speeds of RAM, and another box for CPU’s. It’s beautiful. There are good search options to help you find a coupon code to use on a purchase you are already to make, and also to locate the best price on anything they track, which includes a ton of non-computer stuff, too (I saw a deal for Aéropostale and Wilson’s Leather just a few minutes ago that might come in handy for a couple of cold-weather outfits for the girls).

There is a page to see just the coupon codes that can be sorted, and always shows the expiration dates of the codes, with a neat “Expiring!” icon showing up in orange to help you locate those last-minute codes.

The site also offers comparisons and reviews, and it is also mobile-friendly, so if you see a deal and have internet access on your phone, you can do a quick lookup to see if it’s the best deal.

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