Amie Street Wednesday

I’ve slacked off for two weeks on the Amie Street Music Wednesday meme, but don’t worry, kids, I’m climbing back onto the wagon, and this time, I’ve got Linus, a one-man band from Germany. He records himself playing each instrument, and singing in each voice, then does the full mixdown. His videos are full of fun film tricks and effects, and all of his songs I’ve heard have a fun beat, light, heady lyrics, and hooked choruses that will keep you humming. The song this week is very upbeat, singing praises for his significant other. The lyrics walk us through drudgery and disquietude of daily life, and then we find out in the chorus why none of those things bother him so bad:

Then you walk in, say hello
And my heart starts to explode;
Oh, I know I’ve never felt a love so strong for anyone
Then you begin to undress, overwhelming in caress
Lord, and when you start to moan,
Sexy girl, you turn me on!

The video for this song is really fun, and is embedded over at Amie Street, as well as on Linus’ homepage in the “videos” section.
Be sure to hit the “More From This Artist” button on the player over here and double click to hear some of his other tracks, like “The Whole Truth”, and “Splinter”.

Bonus kickass video of “It’s one of these lifes again [sic]”!

Its one of these lifes again – MyVideo

Amie St. Music Wednesday
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  1. I bet he doesn’t do all his own mixdowns, either. I mean, I know he’s a beagle and all, But unless you have set up a really nice linux-based home recording studio with special controls for him, I just don’t see it happenin’.

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