ASMW – Pavement Candy


Fresh from the toe of your stocking over the fireplace, the band for this week is Pavement Candy. Pavement Candy is based in Tokyo, and has a fusion sound like The Charlatans or maybe early Phish. They have been performing since May 2004. The track I’m highlighting, Old Friends, New Surroundings, tries to capture the essence of those conversations where you locate a long lost friend. There’s catching up to do, and much to say, with never enough time to say it.

Old friends in new surroundings
Familiar faces that stay true
Sing you a happy song
The trenches have been dug for too long

No margin for error now
The truth lies somewhere within your eyes
Wake up feeling like the summer sun
See you at a place I know you can reach


5 Replies to “ASMW – Pavement Candy”

  1. Re: Old Friends, New Surroundings (by Pavement Candy) Great little tune. Thanks for the tip. Getting Gruntled is a super site!!

  2. Cool track, cheers Gruntled, you continue to spot little gems!! The lyric content on this track is particularly good.

  3. Thanks, Peter! I’m always amazed at the array of good bands I find every week that I would never have otherwise heard. This is the best meme ever.

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