Shot in the foot

The IT shortage is going to hit very hard.

Once we’ve farmed everything out and can’t seem to get it back together, and use local talent, once nobody goes into the fields of study required, what’s going to happen?

I’m starting to see a lot of IT workers getting really burned out and leaving the field. These are guys(and women) who studied computer science, worked through the trenches of field technician hell, suffered the slings and arrows of first tier support, rode the wave of the dot-com boom, and crawled through the muck of the aftermath of the bust.

We worked at so many places, getting servers to do interesting things, take over tons of manual work, solved interesting problems, developed and implemented “best practices”…

Talking with a lot of cohorts lately, I keep hearing the refrain of the same song, one that says that it’s not understood by business even after all the educating, it’s thankless, the hours and demands are endless, you are always on-call, always coming to the rescue, the money never gets better, there’s never enough help, and there isn’t much of a career path anymore.

I’m seriously hoping that these are not steady trends. I’ve seen all of this in working in many places, but it’s scary to think that it’s so widespread.

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  1. you know that there are many jobs that are thankless. ever go out and thank the garbage man for picking you your trash?

    the problem with IT is that it is a specialized area. and your right about the demands. the trash man will not take a call at 3am to come and get your trash. with IT you will get that call.

    i have thought about leaving IT for the past few months. i don’t know what else i would do though. i love IT. i feel that i have a nak for it. i could be fooling myself, but i don’t spend 16+ hours a day on a computer and hate it.

    i have done computer stuff for free before. mainly because i just enjoy it. i’m not sure that i would be happy any where else. there are people that forced themselves to do IT, and i think that those might be the ones that are leaving, but i don’t know.

    the burn out is true. you do get burned out. most IT last about 20 years. and it really depends on the demands that the person is under as well. i don’t think that you could stay where you are at for the next 10 years unless you have to, nor could i. staying at the level we are both at, i give us 5 to 10 more years before we say to hell with IT.

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  2. Come January 20th, I’m leaving the IT field, moving to Grand Cayman and extending my dive certification to include Dive Master so I can make a living in the islands…. That, or I’m gonna do like those CDW commercials and setup a datacenter in a tiki hut…

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