Torchwood S2 ep(8-13)

I’m almost halfway through the second season of Torchwood, and just saw some news on the wire about it.

The titles for the episodes for the last half of the second season of Torchwood have just been released:
Episode 8 – A Day in the Death
Episode 9 – Something Borrowed
Episode 10 – From Out of the Rain
Episode 11 – Adrift
Episode 12 – Fragments
Episode 13 – Exit Wounds

The episode titles for the first half of the season are:
Episode 1 – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Episode 2 – Sleeper
Episode 3 – To The Last Man
Episode 4 – Meat
Episode 5 – Adam
Episode 6 – Reset
Episode 7 – Dead Man Walking

In the interest of not having any spoilers, I’ll just say that the show is still highly frenetic and fully charged with intrigue and sexuality, and that the characters I felt didn’t get much rounding or action last season are getting a full treatment so far this season.

I love how the titles of the episodes are almost a suggestion of plotline, then the actual plotline of the show matches, but not in the expected way (for me anyway).