Jeff Healey

This past weekend, Jeff Healey lost his lifelong battle with retinal cancer. Those of us who were around for the 80’s remember him fondly. The cancer that took his life was very rare, and took his sight at age 1. He taught himself to play the guitar using his own unique form at the age of three, holding the guitar across his lap.
This skill and spectacle, combined with talent, drew large crowds after the platinum album See The Light was released in 1988 as well as the band’s appearance in the Patrick Swayze movie “Roadhouse”. He and his band were nominated for Grammy awards. After starting a family, he went on to play the trumpet and record Jazz albums, but did not tour as much, preferring to stay home, close to his children.

The band was best remembered for the hit single Angel Eyes.

Stop Breakin’ Down

The band had just released their first Rock/Blues album in eight years titled Mess of Blues. Here’s to the continued health and happiness of his family and friends, and a celebration of his life and works.

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  1. This is so sad – This is the 1t I have heard of this. Jeff Healey is amazing.
    Luckily my family and I had an opportunity to see him and his band the Jazz Wizards perform in Ottawa at the Dragon Boat Races. What a loss – but what an incredible gift we is to this world.

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