ASMW – Dan Tharp

This week, everyone is either under the weather, getting away from work, or suffering though the adjustments that come with the time change and the continued cool weather. I’m currently cocooned in throw blankets with the dog snuggled beside me, and I’m having a hot cup of chai. So it seems a good time for an instrumental. Dan Tharp Has been playing the guitar as a hobby for almost thirty years, and says that he thought of playing professionally a lot, but has a horrible case of stage fright. I really like his style of playing. It is very comfortable, and melodic without skimping on the fine details that round out the pieces.
If you like his sound, you should tell him so that maybe he will start playing live shows.

3 Replies to “ASMW – Dan Tharp”

  1. Hey! THANKS MUCH for adding me to your site. I really do appreciate it. I’m glad you liked my music.
    FYI – I’ve finished my first album, “Face Down in a Pool of Dreams”, and am now working on the next one, “Second Thought”.
    Take care!

  2. @dan: Thanks for dropping by. You have great axe skills, and I hope that music really takes off for you, starting with this new album.

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