I ran into some bnking issues lately. The bank issued a new bank card to me, and I put it aside, waiting for the randomly-generated PIN to arrive. Another week rolled by, and one day, my old card just stopped working entirely. I’m sure that it was a scheduled event in order to secure the account. Of course, this happens when I’m on fumes, trying to fuel up and get to work on time.

Security is always good, and there are tons of new standards being rolled out to increase the security of our data these days. If you are in IT, healthcare, banking, etc., you are aware of the endless acronyms and how much of a headache people are having converting over, and training everyone to comply. Some of these headaches make it easy to dismiss the projects entirely, but these changes are so necessary in our current day.

Speaking of ATM cards, this video is pretty nuts…
“This trip is gonna be great, Betsy! Let’s just stop by the ATM for some cash and then hit the road…”

Sometimes the security measures put into place can seem overbearing and draconian, but don’t you feel more secure?

Your nature walk is now “secure”.
A Secure Walk in the Woods