Peeking at the ballot

In preparation for voting day tomorrow, I was looking at some of the local amendments that will be on the ballot for GA, and found some really vague verbiage (if you could possibly imagine that). The little bit that will show up on the ballot itself looks innocent enough, which is why most people will just vote yes or no without understanding it.
I found A good breakdown over at VirusHead that deserves a good read-through by anyone in GA who hasn’t already voted.
From all the news coverage of the early voting and tales of people spending hours and hours waiting in line to vote while precincts had network outages, it looks like it will be a history-making voting year in many more ways. I hope to hear on Wednesday that voter turnout is at an all-time high, and that all demographics are more interested in politics in general. No matter which way the presidential election goes, there will be an historic precedent made (either by “race” or by gender), so there won’t really be a surprise there.
Another good surprise would be finding that all of the heavy discourse has not only brought more of the public to the polls, but also has them interested in their local government. I’d like to see statistics on exactly how much stuff is done more or less “by default,” or under the radar of those who will be affected. Not by hiding, but by the public not paying attention.

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  1. I agree with you about the effect across the board when more people are voting. More involvement makes government at all levels much more accountable for what they support or oppose. Thanks for the mention.

    VirusHead’s last blog post..Clone Trooper Ben

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