I was thinking about the problem I’ve always had with wanderlust today. I have always wanted to travel widely, and in my younger days coming up, I read many novels and tales of traveling life, of faraway venues and diverse, lifelong friendships made along the way through thick and thin, seeing strange landscapes and both beauty and turmoil during the grand journey. I was studying the sciences during those years, and often imagined that at my age, I’d have seen quite a bit by this point in my life, what with business travel and yearly vacations.

I haven’t done any travel to speak of, a couple of business trips, and some road trips up and down the coastline. I haven’t made it out West, and definitely haven’t made it to the main targets of my wandering imagination. It seems that travel was just way out of reach for me financially, and during the times when the finances would have probably been okay, just having the time to go was a struggle.

I have several friends who have traveled widely, and they urge me to scrape something together and to “just go!”, which sounds great, and it’s sounding much better every time it comes up.