Moving on, Moving along

Some things change over time, and it is difficult to notice until one day you notice that where you live is totally different, or that orange-flavored anything bears no resemblance at all to any actual orange that ever grew from the earth. Change is good, and there is no reason to fight changes, because they will happen with or without your expending energy.  It *is* good, however, to seek positive change and to try to help that along.

The past several weeks have been especially busy and wrought with change. With the end of the school year, we have been drawn into the tide of graduations, sending kids off to family for the summer, entertaining kids we don’t see as often, sending one off to boot camp, travel to be with family for surgery, surgery recovery, preparing the house for realtor showings, setting up utilities, juggling leases, moving house, packing, unpacking, shipping boxes of stuff to children, searching through still-unpacked boxes for something that *should be here* but isn’t, learning our way around our new digs….  as well as a whole host of emotions that have been attached to any and all of these.

People have been moving for a long, long time.  It should be easier than it is, but it isn’t.