restaurant roulette

I don’t really get to go out to eat very often. So when I do get to go, it should be a nice escape from the usual cooking up somethng and serving it.

I’ve had some odd dining experiences recently:

I went to an Italian place that has been around for longer than my usual favorite place, and is actually less than 3 blocks from that favorite.

This place is in sort of a retail space, but has been there for forever, so I figured I’d give it a try. When I got in there, it felt like a retail space, and not a restaurant. The acoustic tile overhead, and cheap art on the walls were not expected. The food was mediocre, but the waitstaff was efficient and friendly. So at the end of dinner, they brought the bill, and I put cash in there for the food, along with some for a nice tip.

Instead of the waitress picking it up, the guido who had been standing at the register came and got it, and when he got back to the register up front, I saw him pocket the tip. (I had folded that part, and left the dollar bills for my bill flat). When the waitress came by again, I told her that he had taken the bill, and that I had put a tip in there for her. I mentioned it to her because I thought it was odd for someone besides the waitress to collect the money at the table. She said, “Oh! that’s ok. well all work together and share our tips.” So I didn’t think anything else of it.

When I got ready to leave, the guy comes back to me and says that there was no tip in there. Only enough to cover the bill…

I think I will stick with my favorite place just down the street.

Another night I got to go out, and went to a steakhose that had just recently opened in the space that was formerly a steakhouse that my girls loved going to. after getting a seat, I was amused at first with the staff’s inexperience. Then it kept getting worse.

I had to beg for silverware. I waited an extremely long time for the appetizer. When the food finally came out, it was undercooked *as well as* cold. after sending it back, everyone else was finished and waiting for a while before we got another chance to ask the waitress for an update. When it came back it was okay, but not great.

The manager came around asking ifeverything was aliright, but this was before we ever got drinks, much less the food…

it was an absolute debacle.

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