Bending along high paced glass
packets shooting through
states and countries, speeds amass
router to router seeking you;
the IP address in the header.

I have packets that make the mail
packets that make that sound
the stream of the 80’s guitar wail
And the plans for the robotic hound

I know the weather in your zipcode and that recipe your grandma sent
I have all the images and videos
all are ready for your entertainment.

Further tinkering with the email plugin.


Yes,  I’m still beating this email plug-in horse. 
This update should correct the timestamps, and I am also looking for specific Outlook HTML
anomalies that the plugin doesn’t handle for possible coding fixes.
So Mandrake Linux merged with Connectiva In order to get more of the south american Linux market (Connectiva Linux was based out of Brazil), and they kept getting litigation threats for the Mandrake name from a comic book company(which would have never held water in court), so they changed their name to Mandriva
When I
name products, I try not to make them blatantly susceptible to derisive aphorisms. But that’s just me. I still plan on doing an install soon, just to see how far the mandrake — er — Mandriva platform has=20

Finally Friday Finally



It’s finally Friday.  The time change has had me screwed up all week, and the
days are rather hot and sunny, and it’s very difficult to stay at work for 11
hours at a time when you know that your freshly cut lawn is being gently showered
with small pink and white flower petals from the cherry trees in the backyard.
We’re getting ready to move our offices at work, and there is quite a bit of manual labor in getting all of our stuff organized.  It seems like more work, knowing that a lot of it will just be thrown away.
I replaced the program that allows me to post via email, so this is the first test for that.  Let’s see if it breaks.
I need a link and a picture…
The new version of Ubuntu “Hoary Hedgehog” is out today!  How could you resist something with a name like that?   
Here is a giant pic of a millipede sammich.
everybody at once!  1…2…3… Break it!