hidden dangers

I just installed a couple of plugins to handle tagging for my posts. I’m just kind of testing them out at this point.

EFF Corruptables the EFF has a campaign against a couple of proposals that are currently under scrutiny in the U.S. The flash video is well done, explains the issues witout being dry or long-winded, and entertains at the same time.

random quote form the girls…

A: “Hey look at this! I put a sticker on my ear!”

K: “Oh yeah, I found something sillier! chicka bok bok! chicka bok bok!” (imitates a chicken, strutting, flapping wings, pecking)

Got Duke!

I upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.0, lovingly dubbed “Duke” by the coding team. The upgrade was a snap, no plugin snafus, and the admin interface got a major makover. Tis pretty swank. If you’re hesitating the upgrade, get off your butt and click it!

The issues with the heat in my house are all resolved. Again. For the moment. We’ll see. We got a new outside unit, and it is working much better than ever before. It hasn’t been cold since we got it all settled, though. I’m thinking of going ahead with a new thermostat and getting some programmable sensors as well.

I scored some used laser printers and jetdirect devices from work. The price was cheap. And cheap is close to free. And you can’t beat free. I need to fish some network lines around the house for convenience and high-speed data flow… :]

BTW, the first comment that quotes the famous Fark adage about Duke will earn a special ass-whoopin’.


:9s: :8s: :Qs: :Js: :10s:

I have plugins working again. I also repaired the DB and copied the lost blog entries….

Does this mean I get the WordPress MonkeyWrench patch?

still messing with the mail plugin

I just fixed a bunch of PHP in the mail script, and it is correctly identifying valid users and posting from email, in HTML format, copying picture files over, etc.

The screwy HTML from outlook leaves a lot to be desired, and the script isn’t handling a lot of it. The main things are the “=20” line breaks, any blank lines (as outlook creates a full div block and font code for the line, then only has an “nbsp” in the line) and the embedded font code.

It grabbed my picture correctly, but didn’t thumbnail it correctly, and set the pic in the post twice, one with the original url, and one at the end with the local url.

Just a few bugs to work out.

Finally Friday Finally



It’s finally Friday.  The time change has had me screwed up all week, and the
days are rather hot and sunny, and it’s very difficult to stay at work for 11
hours at a time when you know that your freshly cut lawn is being gently showered
with small pink and white flower petals from the cherry trees in the backyard.
We’re getting ready to move our offices at work, and there is quite a bit of manual labor in getting all of our stuff organized.  It seems like more work, knowing that a lot of it will just be thrown away.
I replaced the program that allows me to post via email, so this is the first test for that.  Let’s see if it breaks.
I need a link and a picture…
The new version of Ubuntu “Hoary Hedgehog” is out today!  How could you resist something with a name like that?   
Here is a giant pic of a millipede sammich.
everybody at once!  1…2…3… Break it!