Thanks, Amie Street!

A little while back, I got a comment from Zane over at which kicked off an email conversation about this whole Amie Street Music Wednesday meme. Apparently, The crew over at AmieStreet have been noticing a difference in sales and traffic from this bit of blogger activity, and wanted to show some love by sending a slick tee shirt. It is a gray American Apparel Tee with an awesome pinball table theme in pink featuring a bunch of terms used in the amie street community and on the site in general. I really dig it a lot!
Since a post like this is “nothing without pics,” I have a few shots here in my back pocket. (just ignore the pocket lint and empty gum wrapper):
Detail of Tee design with my library on I hear some 80's synth-pop coming up...extreme camera angles!

They were out of my size, so this one is really huge now. I’m hoping that it shrinks up a bit when I launder it the first time.
The meme was thought up by Mark over at Mouseclone after some discussions about all the new music we were finding regularly on the AmieStreet website. After putting together the original tracker, he was able to get in touch with some of the development team, who helped in providing the embedded player with the “skinning” options, and then Mark’s work on the WordPress plugin started to really take shape.

I’m glad to see the sites doing well, and have found amiestreet to be a great place as a music consumer to find new and interesting bands, and see it as a hot spot for independent artists to promote and sell their tracks, find new fans, and to connect with the community.


The evolution of the portable mp3 player and p2p file-shares have mixed things up quite a bit. The music video channels and the media conglomerates are reeling, and garage bands who would have never made it out of the garage are touring the world, and rocking out. It’s a quiet revolution, where the local radio station isn’t the only influence, and neither is MTV. It’s grass-roots, it’s social, and it’s totally organic. Being such, it cannot be controlled by an overseeing force. Companies *can* profit, but they cannot corner the market. ISP’s can sell it, but they can’t cast a net over a large chunk, and call it their own, truthfully.

It’s now happening with all media, and a lot of the news attention has shifted to the movies and video sector.

the Creative Commons license is getting very popular, and provides for artists getting their music to the masses without a governing monopoly, as well as for options to allow other artists to base new creations on the originals, including a re-mix-friendly license.

if you are looking for legal downloads of mp3’s there are a number of links on the cc site, including this one.

BTW, For those who haven’t heard it, the new Tom Petty album is out. Another in along line of excellent road trip CD’s. Every track has a mood, and a progressive beat, and very personal lyrics. WTG, Tom!

Tom Petty -- Highway Companion