ASMW – Cubicle

“We’re gonna make millions, millions I say!”

This week’s band is a high-powered post-punk group from California called Cubicle. The first thing that got my attention while browsing new albums at Amie Street was the album cover, an obvious throwback to the old DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) logo from back in the late, late 80’s skate punk days, but with an update: a briefcase and cellphone. I immediately popped open the player for a few samples and found a band with a lot of energy who find humor in our everyday grind, poke fun at the corporate way of life, the slag, and the slack. Their Myspace page points more toward a “must-see” live show.
“It’s imperative to know how to get scheduled in.”
Be sure to check out “Cooking the Books” and “Corporate Card”.

ASMW – 0N3S & Z3R0S

This week, I am talking about a band called “ones and zeroes”, or more exactly, 0N3S & Z3R0S. This three-peice is from Northern California, and has a unique sound, melding the sounds of electronica loops and effects with traditional instrumentation and alt-grunge vocals. After you sample “Mind Run Free”, Click on the “more by this artist” button and make sure to hit “Nothing Left” and “Rose” while you are checking out the 0N3S & Z3R0S.

ASMW – Nerf Herder

The band I re-discovered this week is Nerf Herder. They are out of California and have been around since ’94. I picked this song to go along with my previous post. I just had to get a sci-fi hook in there this time. It’s a great song about chatting up someone online who isn’t interested because you simply don’t fit the pre-made mold she had in mind, and then finally giving her a piece of yours. Sounds like ‘punk rawk angst’ to me. On any other day, if I were posting Nerf Herder, I’d have definitely used the song “pervert”. On the player, hit more from this artist, and double click the song title to hear it.

ASMW – Dropjoy


The band I discovered this week is Dropjoy. Everyone needs a little bit of punk-inspired bootprint-on-the-forehead fun music here and there, and this one is a good one for working out the cobwebs in your cranium after lazing around on New Years Day in your “recovery” from the previous evening’s shenanigans.

Dropjoy is a three-piece from San Diego with a range of tastes and a strong gut feeling for songwriting. The tracks I found so far range from punk and high-volume rock to sweet, lonely ballads. It’s all there, do don’t be afraid of the “more from this artist” button.

I really dig the throwback to early punk, and the almost predicted yet unexpected hook in this track. This is another one that’s good for getting stuck in your head. Works for me!