The poison of your party

I was checking in on MaxieZ and found another political quiz that maps you and also shows the candidates. Here are my results, which are a bit surprising.
Electoral Compass Results
Click the graphic to go and take the test to see where it puts you.

It looks like I’m floating out there in space. Apparently when most people take the quiz, the Ring around the peg is kind of elliptical, showing the standard deviation. The ring around where it pegged me is a circle, and it covers a whole lot of ground…

So it still stands that I’m in the non-group, the ones that are the bane of hardcore, party-line-spouting majority. Those of us who live in this grey area are dangerous, because those who walk the party lines will vote with the party no matter which two canididates it comes down to. Those numbers are known way ahead of the game. If enough people are in this grey area, the final results of an election are completely veiled until the last vote is counted. (unless those votes are stored and counted by Diebold, apparently).

Where does it put you on the map?