The Kayak

There was a post at GoingToOahu talking about the desktop widget for Kayak. I’ve been a fan of Kayak for years, and always check there when I have occasion to get away, out of curiosity, or just double-checking prices for someone else.

Kayak is a travel spider, meaning that you use it to do your search for air travel, hotel, rental car, etc, and it takes your query and uses it to search 140 sites, including the airlines, rental companies, hotel chains, and places like travelocity and hotwire, etc. The beauty of this is that you only search once, and then you get a full, sortable grid of all the results. When you find the deal you want, clicking just takes you to the website that offers the deal you wanted. No funny business.

Something I discovered recently while looking for a deal on a hotel stay for a road trip was the new maps. They have done a lot of work getting it integrated with Google maps. This view shows the properties mapped out in the area, and at the bottom of the map is a google search. Entering the name of a point of interest in the search box marks it on the map, so that you are able to see how far each possible property is from your chosen activity, and of course, all of the markers that Google maps already has in place. It’s a very nice feature, and I haven’t seen it elsewhere.

Bonne semaine pour la Boum

Mardi Gras floatOkay… so I’m a day early in posting this. Most Mardi Gras parties were over the weekend, anyway, unless you happen to be in New Orleans or one of the other areas where carnivale is ingrained in the local culture.

I have so much alcohol left over. I ned to throw a party or something to get it down to a manageable level.

hmmm…. Mardi Gras is tomorrow… hmmm…

I did a bunch of new development on the google API maps, and am looking forward to the rollout to the public so you can all see it.

At Mark’s Mardi Gras party, I met several very interesting people. It was a blast. They did a great job planning it, too. The weather was really rough getting up there, but is was fine getting back home.

Time to hydrate.