ASMW – Les Savy Fav

This week’s entry is for a band known as Les Savy Fav. This New York band got its start at university in Rhode Island and has an interesting way with both instrumentation and lyrics that keeps me coming back to their tracks. Checking out their discography, I’ve noticed that they always seem to be looking to add more to their sound, but at the same time, never lose themselves. The current album, “Let’s Stay Friends,” has a few tracks with guest vocalists, specifically “Kiss Kiss is Getting Old” and “Comes and Goes”. The lyrics are well-rooted in academia and sometimes are twitch-muttered in syncopation and on other tracks are shout-blasted over grunge-fuzz and high-distortion guitar licks. I hope these guys come to Atlanta for a live show someday soon.
The track I’ve highlighted here, “Rage in the Plague Age” went all too well with my recent addiction to the Knighthood game on FaceBook, which I blame entirely on Tsani and Kimberly, and even includes a temporally-shifted call to rock-n’-roll arms:

Draw up the drawbridge, draw down the blinds / everyone inside is getting high tonight, waiting for the plague to move on/ nobody’s getting sober till the liquor’s gone!


The evolution of the portable mp3 player and p2p file-shares have mixed things up quite a bit. The music video channels and the media conglomerates are reeling, and garage bands who would have never made it out of the garage are touring the world, and rocking out. It’s a quiet revolution, where the local radio station isn’t the only influence, and neither is MTV. It’s grass-roots, it’s social, and it’s totally organic. Being such, it cannot be controlled by an overseeing force. Companies *can* profit, but they cannot corner the market. ISP’s can sell it, but they can’t cast a net over a large chunk, and call it their own, truthfully.

It’s now happening with all media, and a lot of the news attention has shifted to the movies and video sector.

the Creative Commons license is getting very popular, and provides for artists getting their music to the masses without a governing monopoly, as well as for options to allow other artists to base new creations on the originals, including a re-mix-friendly license.

if you are looking for legal downloads of mp3’s there are a number of links on the cc site, including this one.

BTW, For those who haven’t heard it, the new Tom Petty album is out. Another in along line of excellent road trip CD’s. Every track has a mood, and a progressive beat, and very personal lyrics. WTG, Tom!

Tom Petty -- Highway Companion