ASMW – Les Savy Fav

This week’s entry is for a band known as Les Savy Fav. This New York band got its start at university in Rhode Island and has an interesting way with both instrumentation and lyrics that keeps me coming back to their tracks. Checking out their discography, I’ve noticed that they always seem to be looking to add more to their sound, but at the same time, never lose themselves. The current album, “Let’s Stay Friends,” has a few tracks with guest vocalists, specifically “Kiss Kiss is Getting Old” and “Comes and Goes”. The lyrics are well-rooted in academia and sometimes are twitch-muttered in syncopation and on other tracks are shout-blasted over grunge-fuzz and high-distortion guitar licks. I hope these guys come to Atlanta for a live show someday soon.
The track I’ve highlighted here, “Rage in the Plague Age” went all too well with my recent addiction to the Knighthood game on FaceBook, which I blame entirely on Tsani and Kimberly, and even includes a temporally-shifted call to rock-n’-roll arms:

Draw up the drawbridge, draw down the blinds / everyone inside is getting high tonight, waiting for the plague to move on/ nobody’s getting sober till the liquor’s gone!

Amie Street Wednesday

This week, I’ve rediscovered Big Society, a band whose music I bought back a few weeks ago, along with some other selections.
I’m testing the new player that Mouseclone has been helping to develop. The plugin isn’t finished yet, but should be coming along. In the meantime, I’ve stolen creatively borrowed the working code.
Big Society is headed up by Tom Shields, a singer and songwriter originally from Rhode Island (home of the oldest operating tavern in the United States), who met a fledgling band in Raleigh 15 years ago, and they have been together ever since. The song Silvery Moon has a classic rock feel with a folksy rhythm. I get the feeling of listening to Bob Dylan or maybe early Phish with this one. It’s upbeat, looking forward to the future “with my one true love/curled up by side.”

Amie St. Music Wednesday
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