–so the drama–

I got the girls into a drama camp at a community theater near my parents’ house over last week. My sister’s daughter and my older brother’s daughter were able to attend camp as well, which was really awesome. The camp was over one week, with two full performances on this past Saturday. The production of Robin Hood was really funny, and it was amazing to see how much all the kids had learned and prepared over the course of five days! I am trying to convert some of the video I took at the show into a youtube-friendly format, and even into a format I can use to create either a VCD or a full DVD for the parents/grandparents to keep. The camera I borrowed saved the clips as ASF files, which I can view just fine in Totem or Xine, but the cd/dvd authoring apps I’ve tried don’t see them as a “video source”. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them… (Sherri! help!)

Da Red Debbil!

In keeping with Music Wednesday, and to make it easier to point a couple of certain people to the right spot to see it, it is my great honor to present the official music video of Rodrigo Y Gabriela playing the song “Diablo Rojo”. These guys are genius guitarists and do some amazing coordinated playing.

peanuts – not just for halloween anymore

I was looking for a video that I had bookmarked a while back to share here, but can’t seem to locate it. It was a sort of remix of video from the classic animated special, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and a hilarious mix by DJ Kid Koala called “Tricks n Treats”.

The special is celebrating it’s 40th year in rotation, according to NPR and it’s still just as awesome every year.

The Peanuts specials are built to stand the test of time…. Like Tom Sawyer, every time you experience the story, there is more honest, basic truth there for you to discover, especially in different phases of life.

This is one of my favorite parts…. it’s amusing, yet sad at the same time. Good fodder for teen angst later on for Good old Charlie Brown.